Mike Rowe’s Non-Partisan, Full-Throated Defense on Self-Sufficiency

When Mike Rowe says he’s serious about promoting jobs, encouraging self-sufficiency and boosting the American economy, he’s not kidding. He actually means it.

And even if you try to trip him up with questions about how the Republican Party is supposedly stifling economic growth, he just wants to talk about jobs.

Consider, for example, a recent conversation Rowe had with one Jennifer Bailey who tried repeatedly to get the TV star to say Republicans are to blame for slow job creation in the United States.

“How can the middle class send their kids to college for ‘four or more years’ when the Republicans have made it far too expensive with raising interest rates on school loans and wanting to end federal grants?” Bailey asked.

Rowe responded on Facebook Sunday by challenging the notion that college is expensive only because of interest rates and student loans. He also challenged the notion that middle-class families should feel obligated to send their children to expensive four-year colleges.

“I’m not anti-college; I’m anti-debt. If you can afford it, by all means go for it,” Rowe wrote in a Facebook post. “But I reject the idea that a four-year school is the best path for the most people.”

He also addressed her “blame the GOP” tactic: “If blame is your thing, there’s plenty to go around. Republicans and Democrats have both allowed a trillion dollars of public money to flow freely between students and colleges with no real accountability for the results.”

Bailey then turned her attention to “greedy corporations.”

“Do you realize how many jobs would be available if the greedy corporations kept manufacturing and technical jobs here?” she asked Rowe.

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